Shega Crafts

Shega, is a joint social enterprise of TimretLehiwot Ethiopia (TLH Ethiopia) and designlab, established in 2013 and work on addressing the needs of disadvantaged artisan women by empowering them to tackle their socio economic needs.

Realizing an urgent need for philanthropy on Ethiopian craft sector, Shega launched its novel and more beautiful attires and crafts in the city, to realize the economic potential of the crafts sector by investing in high impact scalable models that have the potential to strengthen livelihoods in a sustainable manner.

Following this, Shega has organized itself as social enterprise, which is the more recent wave of businesses that have originated out of non profits or hybrid models that combine social values and commercial goals.

Shega is an initiative that tries to assure quality in Ethiopian handicrafts and to contribute to one of the world’s largest industries and the fastest growing sectors of global trade, tourism while empowering the local artisans with a vision of enhancing the Ethiopian crafts in quality.

Focusing mainly on artisan mothers and girls who live in poverty, Shega has aimed to empower them economically by exploring the relationship between similar schemes to foster future alliance opportunities besides promoting this creative sector.

Shega also aims in supporting this creative sector to deliver eminence traditional crafts and functional wares for the rural, urban and international community through primary and retail market.

Shega Initiative will work on Ethiopia’s artisan craft production skill, giving the country much potential to develop cultural tourism. Jewellery, embroidery, pottery, photo framework and leather work are the major ones among others. Shega will also establish a research center that will focus on developing the skills of local artisans to better benefit from their works.

Shega initiative is supported by TLH Ethiopia’s committed partners, CAFOD, SCIAF & TROCAIRE.